About Us
Sandy has lived in the Lynchburg area for almost 40 years and enjoys sharing information about local activities and events on Sandy is the editor of Lynchburg Macaroni Kid, a resource for Central Virginia parents, and also writes about parenting issues and family life on and
Sandy's grown children and grandchildren have provided her with experience and entertainment. Through the children's activities, Sandy has made many friends and acquaintances in the Lynchburg area. Sandy and her husband are parents of five children, who were merged into a family when they married.
Sandy was raised in a large Army family with seven siblings. The family is scattered across the country, returning home from time to time, individually and en masse. A good time is had by all during family gatherings.
Three brothers helped to mold Sandy into a tomboy who always loved being outside. A love of nature and the outdoors remains a big part of who Sandy is today. Four sisters provided nurturing, teasing and lasting friendship.
Sandy is a lifelong lover of writing, has been freelancing since 2011 and enjoys writing about topics from A to Z.
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